Vegetarian Cuisine | Dine out in Tokyo

Vegetarian restaurants are actually rarer than you may think in Tokyo. I selected two restaurants where you can enjoy vegetarian cuisines originally derived from Buddhist monks with diet restrictions.

Tenpura – Tsunahachi

At Tsunahashi, you may want to sit at the counter. A chef cooks right in front of you and you can enjoy fresh sesame oil-fried vegetable tenpura one by one. Tenpura is a different food when you eat at Tsunahachi. You can simply request for veggies only when you order and they will create customized prix-fix menu for you.

tsunahachi shinjuku

be Mesmerized ★★★★☆

Atomosphere family-style

Sound level moderate

Reservation accepted

Menu and Access
The flagship shop is located in Shinjuku
English version of Tsunahachi is available

Soba – Takumi

He-Gi Soba is a traditional soba originated from Ni-ga-ta, North of Japan. He-gi Soba is unique in a way that it uses seaweed as an ingredient and greener than common soba. When He-gi soba is served, small amount of batches are laid out just like fish scale and it is visually beautiful. What to drink with He-gi Soba? Sake, no doubts!

Hegi soba Takumi

be Mesmerized ★★★☆☆

Atmosphere casual

Sound level loud

Menu at Shibuya shop
Hegi Soba small 1470 JPY
Hegi Soba middle 2205 JPY
Hegi Soba large 3675 JPY
Sake starting from 735 JPY

Monday to Friday 17:30 – 4:00
Saturday 17:30 – 23:30
Closed on Sunday and holiday

Reservation accepted

Address 2-23-14 Dogenzaka Shibuya
TEL: 03-5784-6680

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