Deep relaxation at Japanese style “Hot Stone Spa”

Hot stone spa is an unique way of relaxation where one simply lays on a slab of heated natural stone. There are many hot stone spa in Tokyo and one that I selected for you is Olive Spa. Olive Spa uses lava: volcanic rock from Mt. Fuji, which is formally named as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

hot stone spa

What hot stone spa does is to warm up your body from the core by effect of far-infrared ray and drastically increase your metabolism. You sweat so much just like you are in sauna. It helps you to get toxins and unwanted wastes out of your body. And all the ladies out there, hear me out. Hot stone spa also has a beauty effect and it will leave your skin feeling so silky smooth.

Olive Spa is located at convenient areas, such as Roppongi, Omotesando and many more. Male OK. Need a reservation.

be Mesmerized ★★★☆☆

60 minutes of private room
male: 4200 JPY
female: 3360 JPY

Tips on hot stone spa
You sweat so much, so you may want to shower after hot stone spa. But it is recommended NOT to shower after hot stone spa because it helps your body to release natural body cream effect.

Call 03-3478-5533 (Japanese only. You may want to ask your concierge at a hotel to make your reservation for you)

Location in Roppongi
Address 7-4-4 Roppongi Minato-ku

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