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Deep relaxation at Japanese style “Hot Stone Spa”

Hot stone spa is an unique way of relaxation where one simply lays on a slab of heated natural stone. There are many hot stone spa in Tokyo and one that I selected for you is Olive Spa. Olive Spa uses lava: volcanic rock from Mt. Fuji, which is formally named as World Heritage by […]

French Tuesday | Sophisticated night out in Tokyo

Somewhere around the globe on Tuesday, people are getting together for drinks and networking at a social event called French Tuesday. Tokyo is one of cities where this sophisticated party is held. Members of French Tuesday network can register for events and invite their guests. If you are interested in going out at on Tuesday […]

Got a sweet tooth? | Tokyo cafe to enjoy Kyoto’s prominent sweets

Say you are on a business trip and do not have enough time to travel to Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto. But let me suggest to you that you can still enjoy Kyoto’s prominent traditional sweets while you are in Tokyo. Gion Tokuya – Harajuku Its main shop is in Kyoto Gion, better known for one […]

UKIYOE “art of the floating world” | Ohta Memorial Museum of Art in Harajuku

U-ki-yo-e is a Japanese wood-block prints from the 17th and 20th century (from Edo to Meiji era in Japan). You may have seen well-known print of Red Mt. Fuji by an ukiyoe legend “Ka-tsu-shi-ka Ho-ku-sa-i”. Photo:  Artist: Hokusai Katsushika / Title : Ga-i-fu-Ka-i-se-i (better known as Red Mt. Fuji) / Print was created between 1831 […]

Vegetarian Cuisine | Dine out in Tokyo

Vegetarian restaurants are actually rarer than you may think in Tokyo. I selected two restaurants where you can enjoy vegetarian cuisines originally derived from Buddhist monks with diet restrictions. Tenpura – Tsunahachi At Tsunahashi, you may want to sit at the counter. A chef cooks right in front of you and you can enjoy fresh […]