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Tokyo grocery store

Grocery shopping in Tokyo | Six items you need on your grocery list

I love shopping at a grocery store wherever I travel overseas. Rare local food at reasonable price. Fun! I bet abroad travelers like yourself would love Japanese grocery store as well. Packages written in unknown characters are a little hesitating, so here are my recommendations. They are small and light enough to be packed in […]

Meiji Shrine Sanpai

Meiji Jingu | Imperial Shrine at the heart of Tokyo

Meiji Jingu is the Imperial shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Meiji Emperor and his wife. His deed in the Meiji Restoration was commemorated and after his death in 1912, the Japanese Diet passed a resolution to build a shrine for him and his wife. Main building of Meiji Shrine Who was […]

grave 47ronin

47Ronin | Explore the footstep of real Samurais in Tokyo

How did you enjoy a film by Keanu Reeves “47Ronin”? The concept of 47Ronin is based on a true story of 47 samurais, united to avenge the death of their master, Asano Naganori. Long story in short During an important ceremony at Shogun’s Edo Castle, Asano Naganori was unable to tolerate insult and assaulted Lord […]

Buddhist Monks

Mount Takao | Easy weekend gettaway for Tokyo people

Mount Takao is a popular hiking spot, located within one hour from downtown Tokyo and was awarded with three star by Michelin Green Guide. Both rope-way and railway are available and Mount Takao is an easy-access for everyone. About 2.5 million people visit Mount Takao every year. Maple tree is beautiful during fall Real hikers […]

at starbucks wifi

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks | Register before you travel to Tokyo

In order to avoid international iPhone data roaming charges, you may turn off data roaming while you are in Tokyo. So free Wi-Fi spot must be really helpful for travelers. One of free Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo is at Starbucks. You have access to free and really fast internet connection while sipping a cup of […]