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Dine out in Roppongi | Under 5,000 yen

Here are three restaurants in Roppongi that I often take visitors and guests from my company’s international branches out for dinner  when a budget is strictly under 5,000 JPY per person. Enjoy! Japanese Skewered Chicken – Kushimura All of my guests who visited Tokyo were quite happy with Japanese skewered chicken, “Yaki-tori” at Kushimura. Kushimura […]

Not too opulent, but nice | Highly recommended restaurants in Roppongi

Grill Restaurant – WAKANUI One of the best grill restaurants in Tokyo that I visited before. Japanese preparation technique of meat is so amazing that it can make lean beaf and lamb from New Zealand to aged steak that is so tender and juicy. Spacious and elegant atmosphere. Often used for business luncheon and dinner […]