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Jimmy choo

Consumption tax, tip, sale – things you may be wondering about Tokyo

Consumption tax Japan will raise the consumption tax rate from the current 5 % to 8 % from April 2014. Consumption tax in Japan is a flat rate for all. So it means that when you buy Mercedes, you pay 8 %. You buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, you pay 8 %. You dine […]

Tokyo grocery store

Grocery shopping in Tokyo | Six items you need on your grocery list

I love shopping at a grocery store wherever I travel overseas. Rare local food at reasonable price. Fun! I bet abroad travelers like yourself would love Japanese grocery store as well. Packages written in unknown characters are a little hesitating, so here are my recommendations. They are small and light enough to be packed in […]

SUKIYAKI | Want to explore Japanese food culture one step further?

Beef Sukiyaki at Morita-Ya Specializes in Su-ki-ya-ki and beef steak, flagship store of Morita-Ya is in Kyoto. Morita-Ya is one of highly recommended restaurants in Ma-ru-no-u-chi area. If you are visiting newly renovated Tokyo Station and in the mood to explore Japanese unique food culture, you may want to include Morita-Ya, located right in the […]

French Tuesday | Sophisticated night out in Tokyo

Somewhere around the globe on Tuesday, people are getting together for drinks and networking at a social event called French Tuesday. Tokyo is one of cities where this sophisticated party is held. Members of French Tuesday network can register for events and invite their guests. If you are interested in going out at on Tuesday […]


Dine out in Roppongi | Under 5,000 yen

Here are three restaurants in Roppongi that I often take visitors and guests from my company’s international branches out for dinner  when a budget is strictly under 5,000 JPY per person. Enjoy! Japanese Skewered Chicken – Kushimura All of my guests who visited Tokyo were quite happy with Japanese skewered chicken, “Yaki-tori” at Kushimura. Kushimura […]