Goshiki Roppongi

Roppongi – GOSHIKI Roppongi COEDO is a micro brewery located at Kawagoe, Saitama (province right next to Tokyo). A restaurant that you can taste all five kinds of COEDO draft beer is “Goshiki Roppongi”. Food is all good and goes very well with COEDO beer. You can go for a drink, but you will also […]

Jimmy choo

Consumption tax Japan will raise the consumption tax rate from the current 5 % to 8 % from April 2014. Consumption tax in Japan is a flat rate for all. So it means that when you buy Mercedes, you pay 8 %. You buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, you pay 8 %. You dine […]

Matsu Shimokitazawa

Tokyo is so damn crowded. There are 10 million people living in Tokyo. So when I go out to dinner over the weekend, I often avoid major popular areas such as Shinjuku and Shibuya unless I have a reservation. I prefer going out to local areas. Less people, no waiting to be seated, more relaxing […]

Tokyo grocery store

I love shopping at a grocery store wherever I travel overseas. Rare local food at reasonable price. Fun! I bet abroad travelers like yourself would love Japanese grocery store as well. Packages written in unknown characters are a little hesitating, so here are my recommendations. They are small and light enough to be packed in […]

Meiji Shrine Sanpai

Meiji Jingu is the Imperial shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Meiji Emperor and his wife. His deed in the Meiji Restoration was commemorated and after his death in 1912, the Japanese Diet passed a resolution to build a shrine for him and his wife. Main building of Meiji Shrine Who was […]

Restaurant Week is a special gourmet festival that you can enjoy selected menu from prestigious restaurants at very reasonable price! Japan Restaurant Week (JRW 2014) is an awesome opportunity to experience restaurants that you always wanted to dine! be Mesmerized ★★★★★ Dates of JRW 2014: January 24 to February 11 Areas of JRW 2014: All […]