Japan Restaurant Week 2014 | Tokyo gourmet festival begins!

Restaurant Week is a special gourmet festival that you can enjoy selected menu from prestigious restaurants at very reasonable price! Japan Restaurant Week (JRW 2014) is an awesome opportunity to experience restaurants that you always wanted to dine!

Japan restaurant week 2014

be Mesmerized ★★★★★

Dates of JRW 2014: January 24 to February 11

Areas of JRW 2014: All over Tokyo. Over 350 restaurants are participating in this festival

Price Range
All restaurants have prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner
Lunch: 2100 JPY or 3150 JPY
Dinner: 5250 JPY or 7350 JPY

You can either call restaurants directly or use online form

Winter Restaurant Week will be happening from January 24 to February 11th. Start creating your reservation list and call early in order to book a table! They run out fast!!

Here is my list of restaurants that I will be calling for a table!

Italian cuisine
Area: Tokyo Marunouchi
Reservation: 050-5522-4781 (Japanese only)


One of my “wanted-to-go” restaurants is listed in JRW 2014!!

2. ROPPONGI mon cher ton ton
Japanese grill (teppanyaki)
Area: Roppongi
Reservation: 050-5522-4707 (Japanese only)

serena roppongi kobe beef

This classic restaurant is very famous for Kobe beef steak

3. Shichi Jyu Ni Kou
Japanese cuisine
Area: Tokyo Marunochi (in Tokyo Station Hotel)
Reservation: 050-5788-5790 (Japanese only)

Shichi Jyu Ni Kou Tokyo Station Hotel

Tokyo Station Hotel is the newest hotel in Tokyo. This luxury hotel is located at the Tokyo Central Station.

Do you have your recommendation? Please do share!

Not listed in JRW 2014, but if you are looking for restaurants in Roppongi and Marunouchi area, you may want to check out old entries!

>Not too opulent, but nice restaurants in Roppongi

>Sukiyaki restaurants in Marunouchi

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