Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks | Register before you travel to Tokyo

In order to avoid international iPhone data roaming charges, you may turn off data roaming while you are in Tokyo. So free Wi-Fi spot must be really helpful for travelers. One of free Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo is at Starbucks. You have access to free and really fast internet connection while sipping a cup of latte. Here is a registration step to use free Wi-Fi service at Starbucks. Complete your registration before you come to Tokyo!

1) Register your email address with at_STARBUCKS_Wi2

at starbucks wifi

2) Confirm your email address and complete member registration

Check your email box and find temporary member registration email from Starbucks. Click on URL to confirm email address and your registration is completed

3) Go to any Starbucks in Tokyo and order your favorite drink

By the way, there are 4 sizes in Japan

  • Short – only available in Japan. It’s tiny, very Japanese, I think.
  • Tall – Small size in the US is considered medium
  • Grande – Medium is actually large size in Japan
  • Venti – Relatively new size in Japan


4) Open your Wi-Fi Settings an d select “at_STARBUCKS_Wi2”

5) Lauch your browser and enter your email address and password

login   login successful

6) Your smartphone is connected to internet via free Wi-Fi

So go ahead! Update your status on Facebook and tweet away!

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